Delivering Value

Delivering Value

Providing our clients with valuable service beyond financial planning is part of what drives us at Bender Financial Services. We are passionate about affecting our clients’ lives in ways they never expected and are always looking for simple solutions to life’s complications.

Client Portal

Our clients enjoy complimentary access to our web-based client portal – Client Experience Optimizer (C.E.O.) – where every account and every investment can be viewed anytime from anywhere. We simplify tracking all your investments and long-term financial goals while making everything you own transparent, understandable, and controllable.

  • See all your accounts in one, secure place. View them anytime from anywhere.
  • Complete transparency into every single account and investment. See what you’re invested in and how you’re allocated.
  • Update your account information automatically and securely.

Secure Electronic Document Storage – Always Know Where to Find it

Our secure cloud-based storage system allows us to upload and organize digital copies of vital documents – from financial plans to insurance policies to legal documents – quickly, easily and securely. Simply bring in any important document you need stored and we will scan, upload, organize and store it electronically for you.

We combine convenience and security, so you know your most important documents are protected and available on-demand whenever you need them, wherever you are.