Are you confused by most financial advice? If so, you’re not alone.

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Have you ever sat across from a financial advisor and only understood every third word they were saying? And yet they were talking about your money, your life and your future.

At Bender Financial Services, we believe clients should understand everything that is happening with their money; that advisors should be just as good about explaining investments as they are at making them.

First, we’re going to get to know you and discuss what’s most important to you. We’re going to figure out your goals and the outcomes you’d like to achieve with this money. We’ll do this by establishing your Family Index Number, which is the rate of return needed on your investments in order to pursue those outcomes. After we determine your Family Index Number, we allocate your money to our various investment strategies designed to help you pursue those goals.

We work with a wide variety of clients – everyone from high net worth investors to those who are just starting out. While each family gets a personalized allocation strategy, we’ve helped thousands of families navigate their complex financial needs and guided them through life’s major decisions.

As your trusted advisor, we’re focused on adding convenience and simplicity to your lives. We will make sure you’re educated on your investments and how we manage your money – as much or as little information as you’d like.

Whether you’re investing hundreds or millions, at Bender Financial Services, we’re about much more than results – we’re about helping you understand where those results have come from and why the strategy works. If you’re tired of the mystery of investing and want to know exactly what’s happening with your money, schedule an appointment today.

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Our financial planning services are built on trust, transparency and accountability.

Our experienced team of professionals will develop a personalized plan that gives you the power – and a path – to realize your dreams. Explore services

BFS 360° PlanningTM

Our team follows a disciplined process – honed throughout years of advisory experience – which is driven by delivering trust, transparency and accountability so together we can pursue your long-term goals and objectives. Learn More

Integrated Solutions

Delivered with the highest level of service, professionalism and integrity, we offer a suite of integrated solutions to help bring all aspects of your financial life into balance. Learn more

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As part of our suite of integrated solutions, our team of CPAs can help you with your tax planning needs.  Learn more

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As part of our suite of integrated solutions, our team of professionals can help you with your estate planning needs. Learn more

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Providing our clients with valuable service beyond financial planning is part of what drives us at Bender Financial Services. Learn more

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Personalized Wealth Management

At Bender Financial Services we are passionate about affecting our clients’ lives in ways they never expected and make it our mission to develop life-long relationships with our clients and their families.

We are a wealth management firm based in Highlands Ranch, CO, serving affluent families, business owners, executives and institutions. Our team provides the highest level of service for our local and national clients in financial planning and investment management. Contact us today and let Bender Financial Services help you on your True Wealth journey.

Investment Management

Disciplined investment strategies are the foundation of our investment management process. Our time-tested strategies are designed to meet a variety of investment goals and objectives.

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Carson Group

Carson Partners are growth-minded advisors wholly dedicated to helping clients reach a higher purpose for their wealth and design a lasting legacy for their families.

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Our Locations

Bender Financial Services is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, CO. Contact us today to speak with a wealth advisor or financial professional near you.

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Bender Financial Services’ team of  professionals provide you with transparent and proactive communications to equip you with the knowledge you need. Read more

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